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ADD:Buyun, Daqiao town, JiaXing

City, Nanhu district, Zhejiang

President: Chen Peigen

Tel: +86-573-83101898

Fax: +86-573-83100412

Contact: Chen Junmin

Mobile: +86-13605731131

Tel: +86-573-83102518 / 83100413

E-mail: chenjunmin@mail.jxptt.zj.cn

• The company have been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification.
• The company passed Three Levels Quality Certification &Inspection.
• The company passed Safety Evaluation of Dangerous Chemicals in Zhejiang Province.
• The company passed Evaluation of Safety Standaraization.

Quality Policy
• Market Qrientation, Practice &Innovation
• High-class Products,Sincere Service

Environmental Policy
• Strictly to abide environment regulations, and to protect environments.
• To strengthen consciousness, and total employees participate it.

Security Policy
• Safety first, accompanying prevention.
• Combination of prevention and elimination and comprehensive treatment.

Technology,patent and honor
• The company won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiaxing Province.
• Hi-tech enterprise in Jiaxing Province.
• Technology-based small and medium enterprises in Zhejiang Province.
• Private technology enterprises in Jiaxing Province.
• Credit class AAA enterprise by bank.

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